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Privacy policy

We don’t track you

Other search engines track you

Have you noticed the persuasive advertising that follows you all over the internet?

Do you know that:

  1. All major search engines track your search history, including many other personal data.
  2. Knowing your search history, IP address and User agent, a search term can be identified with you personally. Search engines can identify your interests, family and financial status, political views, health status – everything you searched for on the Internet.
  3. These data are then used to show you the required advertising on millions of partner sites of search engines, and can also be transferred to government authorities. For example, the last year alone, Google disclosed the personal information of about 100,000 users to government agencies without user permission. This makes an average of 270 people per day!

You have the right to privacy!

In MinimalSearch, we believe that everyone has the right to privacy on the Internet.


  1. Don’t collect, store, and therefore don’t pass to anyone the following information: search history, log of all sites visited, IP address, geolocation, personalized cookies, User agent settings and other personal data.
  2. Use advanced TLS encryption (over a secure data transfer protocol HTTPS). This prevents internet providers and other intermediaries, such as Internet cafes and Wi-Fi access points, from listening, gaining unauthorized access, intercepting or interfering with the search process.
  3. Encrypt your search term.
  4. Don’t transfer your search information to sites visited (we erase all information from the HTTP referrer).
  5. Have no user registration and accounts (we don’t know your name, email, address, etc.).

Search anonymously via Google and Bing

MinimalSearch sends your request, as an intermediary, to search engines Google and Bing.
Here, no personal information about you is passed.
After receiving a response from the search engines, we present it to you in a totally confidential manner again.

Since there is no information that identifies you, you always receive objective results that aren’t personalized to your recent searches or account settings.

Depersonalized data

If you change your search engine settings (for example, background color or user language), your choice will be stored in your browser in non-personalized cookies so that the next time you visit the page, the search settings will remain the same. You can disable cookies in your browser, but your settings will not be saved when next you use the search engine.

MinimalSearch is an absolutely free search engine. Since we use search results provided by Google, the relevant license agreement requires us to place the advertising block. A part of revenue from this block is transferred to Google as compensation for free provision of search results. Display of these ads is regulated by a separate privacy policy. We recommend you to use a special plug-in that allows you to completely opt out of receiving the DoubleClick cookie file used by Google to determine ad Preferences.

With the purpose of improving the quality of our search product, we may collect depersonalized non-identifiable statistics (for example, total number of search terms, statistics of usage of search settings, and so on).

Finally, if you decide to contact us, your email address will be displayed in our mailbox. But you can decide not to indicate your email address. However, in this case, we will also not be able to reply you.

MinimalSearch protects your right to privacy on the Internet!

This policy came into force on March 14, 2015