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How does MinimalSearch differ from other search engines?

23 reasons why you should make MinimalSearch your homepage

  1. We don’t track you

    Most search engines track your online activities. Our Privacy Policy forbids us from recording and storing any user information or tracking online users. The search engine doesn’t store and therefore cannot transfer search history, logs of sites visited, user’s IP address, and other details to third parties.

    You have the right to privacy!

  2. We search in Google and Bing

    Do you know that Bing and Google have an average of just 25% match in their search results? This means that by using only one search engine, you miss up to 75% of useful sites seen by other users. MinimalSearch allows you to quickly switch between Bing and Google search results on the same window. Now you won’t miss any useful site!

  3. The most minimalist search engine in the world

    We’re tired of constant advertising, logos, and so many unwanted “junk” on the Internet. That is why we have created MinimalSearch, the most minimalist search engine on the internet. We’ve removed everything from the home page and left only one thing... the search box! Start your search from a clean sheet.

  4. No filters and censorship

    When you search the Internet, you expect that your search results will be the same as everyone else’s results. But actually, major search engines track the sites you visit and then filter out the ones, which, in their own opinion, you may not like to see. As a result, you get trapped in the so-called filter bubble. In search results, where you would expect objectivity and impartiality, such as when searching for something about politics, you and your friends end up getting different results! MinimalSearch will reveal to you the things hidden from you by search engines.

  5. Community

    MinimalSearch is not just a search engine. It’s also a community of people who crave for a better search results, seeking to improve modern search user experience. Our users are modern creative people who appreciate the independence and completeness of information. They aren’t afraid to experiment and have their own opinion. They stand on the front edge of the technology wave, always demanding the highest standards and aesthetic perfection. Join us on social media: Facebook, Twitter.

  6. Instant search Ctrl+Enter

    Don’t waste your time browsing the search results because the best site is usually in the first position of the search result page. Just type your search term and press Ctrl+Enter – MinimalSearch will instantly open the site located on the first position of the search result page. On mobile devices, simply click “Go directly to the first site” located at the bottom of search suggestions.

  7. Dark and light side of the force

    On which side of the Force are you? In MinimalSearch settings, you can move to the dark side of the Force. But beware of the dark side. Easily they flow, quick to join you in a fight, but the fight won’t be equal. If once you start down the dark path, darkness will forever dominate your search.

  8. Music search

    Only music and nothing more. No spam, unwanted advertising, registration – just close your eyes and enjoy your favorite songs from SoundCloud, the world’s largest legal music library.

  9. Smart search suggestions

    Do you often use social networks? Type only one letter “f” in the search box and MinimalSearch will immediately prompt you to go to the Facebook site. Are you interested in the weather? Start typing the word “weather” and the best site with a forecast for your city will already be there for you. Do you want to calculate "2+2" or "sin(0) + cos(2*PI)"? Just enter the formula and the calculation result will appear immediately in the search suggestions. We’re constantly adding new suggestions to answer your question as quickly as possible!

  10. Search in Google and Bing image databases

    We know that sometimes good pictures are hard to find. That is why in image search, we’ve prepared for you two largest image search databases – Google and Bing.

  11. Modern encryption

    MinimalSearch uses advanced TLS encryption (over a secure data transfer protocol HTTPS). This prevents internet providers and other intermediaries, such as Internet cafes and Wi-Fi access points, from listening, gaining unauthorized access, intercepting or interfering with the search process.

  12. Meditative Zen mode

    Are you ready to get rid of all the excess? For those who achieved the enlightenment, in the search settings select Learn zen. In this ultra-minimalist mode only one thing left – the cursor. The true guru use this page for meditation practices.

  13. More than just a map

    Imagine that you’ve found the address of a place on the map, where you intend to go and now enabled street panoramas to familiarize yourself with the place. If you do this in Google, you’ll get only a very small piece of map that cannot be zoomed. Moreover, you wont be able to view the surrounding streets or city. When viewing street panoramas with MinimalSearch, your marks won’t disappear, while the map can be displayed at any scale. Besides, the terrain of the place can be applied on the map. You can also view an image from a satellite or a balloon (for some cities).

  14. Advanced online calculator

    Designed specially for students and schoolchildren, our built-in mathematical engine can calculate expressions that no other search engine can do for you! Computational examples: sin(PI/2) * sqrt(3^2 + 4^2), verifying inequalities log(16, 2) > exp(1^e), matrix operations det([-1, 2; 3, 1]), random number generation round(random(-100,100)) and much more. The syntax of the supported constants and functions can be found here.

  15. Special query language

    MinimalSearch supports over 30 special search operators. Do you want to limit your search to just a specific site? Use the operator site: facebook.com stanford to search for the term "stanford" only on the website "facebook.com". Search for sites only with precise entry of your term – simply enclose it in "quotes". Full list of operators: for Google and Bing.

  16. Convenient mobile version

    On the run, inside the public transport or lying on bed, MinimalSearch can still be used conveniently via a mobile version. You won’t need to download any app. You just need to go to the usual address MinimalSearch.com and continue searching!

  17. Link with Zen Buddhism

    The Enso sign is the symbol of MinimalSearch. Enso in Zen Buddhism symbolizes absolute enlightenment. The meditative design of the search engine is free from all unnecessary "junk" and has only one search box.

  18. Souvenirs with symbols

    Support MinimalSearch and select one of our branded souvenirs. Write about us on your blog, your social media profiles, in forums and social networking communities. The most active participants will get a free souvenir. Be the first to tell your friends about MinimalSearch!

  19. Legality

    MinimalSearch doesn’t break any laws or license agreements. For example, we don’t mix Bing search results with Google search results for it is prohibited by the relevant licenses. Any metasearch engine that does this will be closed down sooner or later. We highly value honesty in our work and trust from our partners and users.

  20. 83 languages

    MinimalSearch delivers Google results in 83 languages but in confidentially. Using quick access settings, one can change the search result language on the fly – just in one click. MinimalSearch provides web, music, image, video and map search results.

  21. The launching date of the search engine coincides with the number Pi

    The search engine was officially launched on March 14, 2015, at 9 hours, 26 minutes, 53 seconds. If you combine these numbers, you will get the first ten digits of the number Pi: 3.141592653.

  22. Search right from the browser address bar

    You can use MinimalSearch right from the address bar of your web browser! Just set MinimalSearch as default search engine in the settings of the browser (for FireFox click here, for Chrome – please follow the instructions).

  23. It’s time to try something new!

    Try MinimalSearch just for a week! You’ll never want to switch back to your previous search engine.

Make MinimalSearch your homepage!