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We don’t track you

Have you noticed the persuasive advertising that follows you all over the internet? Most search engines track you. The Privacy Policy of the MinimalSearch search engine forbids us from recording and storing any user information and tracking online users. Our search engine doesn’t store and therefore cannot pass to third parties your search history, log of all sites visited, IP address of users, etc.

You have the right to privacy!

More about the Privacy Policy

Search by Google and Bing in 83 languages

Do you know that Bing and Google have an average of just 25% match in their search results? This means that by using only one search engine, you miss up to 75% of useful sites seen by other users. MinimalSearch allows you to quickly switch between Bing and Google search results on the same window. Now you won’t miss any useful site!

No filters and censorship

What do search engines hide from you?

When you search the Internet, you expect that your search results will be the same as everyone else’s results. But actually, major search engines track the sites you visit and then filter out the ones, which, in their own opinion, you may not like to see. As a result, you get trapped in the so-called filter bubble. In search results, where you would expect objectivity and impartiality, such as when searching for something about politics, you and your friends end up getting different results! MinimalSearch will reveal to you the things hidden from you by search engines.

Music Search

Only music and nothing more. No spam, unwanted advertising, registration – just close your eyes and enjoy your favorite songs from SoundCloud, the world’s largest legal music library.

Minimalist design

Focus on search.
No unnecessary “junk”.

MinimalSearch is the most minimalist search engine on the Internet. We’ve removed everything from the home page and left only one thing ... the search box! Start your search from a clean sheet.

The search engine was officially launched on March 14, 2015, at 9 hours, 26 minutes, 53 seconds.
If you combine these numbers, you will get the first ten digits of the number Pi:

The light side of the ForceThe dark side of the Force

There are 2 color schemes in the search engine settings,
which the user can choose: light and dark.

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